Injury And Illness Prevention Program. This program applies to all schools enrolled under SIPE.

Employee Safety and Health Record For Santa Barbara County school employees. File this form with employee's safety record maintained by supervisor.

Employees & Supervisor's Industrial Incident Report (SIPE Form 6-588-1 and 6-588-2)

Safety Hazard/Suggestion Report Form (SIPE Form 2-588)

Hepatitis B Immunization Consent/Waiver Form (SIPE Form 93-1003)

Safety Incentive Funding Request Form

These forms are in PDF format. In order to fill out and save the "filled out" version you must have Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0.

You will be able to fill out the form online and print the completed form if you have the latest version of Adobe Reader which is available for free. Otherwise, you can print the form and fill it out by hand.

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